Handpainted Awning
Amber Health Care For Women
Vinyl Film Graphics
Chucks Coin
Hand painted lettering on drywall.
Flat cut out aluminum Gemini Brand letters on distressed steel background with standoffs
Hanging HDU sign with Dimensional Elements
Interior sign with acrylic panel and added Gemini brand dimensional letters and aluminum standoffs to attach to drywall.
Mural hand painted with added clear coat graphiti shield
Hand Painted Mural
Cottonwood Water District
3/4 wrap full color print with contour cuts
Burgess & Bogener Sign
Rosaline Medical Center
Silverthorn Resort
Allianz Heating & Air
Dimensional logo and letters on wall
Custom shaped mdo aframe with combination of paint and sign vinyls
Cut vinyl films
Steel powder coated panel with sign vinyl
Sandblasted Redwood
Custom Shaped Aluminum Sign Panel
Sandblasted Redwood
Wrap on Boat
MDO Wooden Sign with Reflective Films
Custom Directory
Parsons School Mural
Using retractable banners as a freestanding backdrop
R&R Quality Meats
faux etched film, brushed aluminum film and regular vinyl film
Wall graphics are combination of full color prints and hand painted lettering.
Sequoia Middle School Pillars
Wrap on Minivan
Custom Wooden Aframe
Readerboard and Header
KRCR Channel 7
Hand painted lettering on custom awning canvas.  Best done when material still being fabricated to frame.
Cut Vinyl Films
Three Dimensional Letters
Mesh banners for allowing wind to pass through with less stress.  This is a 50% pass through material with full color print.
Hand Painted Mural
Bella Vista School
Hand carved HDU gold letters with beveled edge.  Sign has combination of painted metal panels and Gemini Brand aluminum painted letters.
Mural hand painted with added clear coat graphiti shield
Wrap on Box Truck
Bronze trees were finished with green patinas and other text is flat cut out aluminum Gemini Brand lettering.  Raceway was used to attach to building.
Wooden sign
Wrap with 80% coverage
Custom Directory
Graphics on Work Truck
Acrylic Custom Shaped Reception Sign with Standoffs
Wrap Fantasy Zebra
Custom Showcard Aframe
Wrap on Box Truck
Hand Painted Distressed Vintage Car Graphic
Hanging wooden sign custom shaped
Hand painted flourish pattern on stucco wall.  Signs are MDO custom shaped with prints and cut vinyl decoration.
Brushed aluminum panel with combination of reflective vinyl and 3D foam Kem letters custom finished
EPS Monument with 3D panel and Gemini Lettering
Muse Concrete
Graphic for Trailer
Metal panel with combination of paint and vinyl films.  Standoffs were used to attach to rock monument
Compass SLS & ILS
Bronze plaque made by Gemini, Inc. Detailed relief.
Redding Rancheria - Head Start
Vinyl Film Graphics
Vinyl Film Graphics
Gemini Brand Lettering on Monument
Post and Panel Sign with Vinyl Films
Hand Painted Mural
Mural hand painted with added clear coat graphiti shield
Gemini Brand Lettering on Monument
Gemini Brand Lettering on Wall
Acrylic Sign with Sign Vinyl Films
Brushed aluminum panel custom curved for monument with sign vinyl decoration and aluminum standoffs for mounting to concrete.
Three Dimensional Letters
Wrap on Boat
Gemini Brand bronze plaque with patina finish.
Vinyl Film Graphics
Impact Market Mall
Custom shaped multi-panel MDO sign panel with combination of paint and vinyls
Wooden panel and three dimensional letters